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Triplex Company is the official representative of such famous companies as Merial (France), Coophavet (France), Daavision (the Netherlands), Lallemand (France), Inform Nutrition (Ireland), Magapor (Spain), Zotal (Spain), Innovad (Belgium), Bayer (Germany), Provimi France, Pharmshure Ltd (UK) etc.

We are interested in successful cooperation with our foreign partners and we are always ready to offer mutually beneficial conditions.

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Triplex Company is engaged in wholesale trade of vaccines, veterinary medications, premixes and feed, as well as helps to provide the ideal living conditions for the poultry. Moreover, we deal with biosecurity measures in the poultry industry.


Triplex Company provides complex support for pig farming enterprises. We offer vaccines, veterinary medications, premixes and feed, which will support the health of your pigs and help them to get a viable litter.

Our products guarantee the improvement of livestock health parameters and allow to solve almost all the problems connected with the performance data of pig productivity. Moreover, we are implementing measures for security in pig production (biosecurity measures, water systems cleaning, and optimization of drinking water) and selling products for the artificial insemination.


Triplex Company sells vaccines, veterinary medications, premixes and feed for ruminants. We offer a checking program during the dry period and sell products that allow to fight successfully against ectoparasites and endoparasites of the ruminants. 


Triplex Company offers complex solutions for biosecurity of livestock and poultry. We ensure the protection system of livestock and poultry from insect pests and help to implement the program of prevention and control of infectious diseases at the enterprises of agro-industrial complex.